Sunday, April 1, 2012

Maunday Thursday -- Jochen Klepper

The Savior is my servant and host
He serves me and his crowd of disciples.
He who is the Lord of all heaven
Himself here renders bare God’s glory.
Kyrie elaison!

He salves and bathes our feet
Passes us the cup and breaks the loaf
And already waits for the kiss of Judas
So I may rest without strife.
Kyrie elaison!

With a pilgrim’s hat and walking stick
He holds, this shepherd, the Pascha-meal.
And as he gives it, he goes to the grave
To the torture of the cross, scorn, and hatred.
Kyrie elaison!

In the garden of Gethsemane
A beam for the cross already has fallen.
That the cup should yet pass him by,
Pleads the Savior of all the world.
Kyrie elaison!

The cup of bitter pain and death
He has already prepared to drink
For this remembrance, he has set
A supper for all time
Kyrie elaison!

The hour of betrayal is here.
No place serves as a shield
He stays near to his own [though they flee]
In cup and bread and word.
Kyrie elaison!

The cup is now my own
And bread and wine my lavish share.
The cup takes its glory
In announcing salvation to the sinner!
Kyrie elaison!

He comes, he comes, that is sure,
To the joyous meal of his disciples
At the end of all darkness
Is always found the cross’s posts!

--draft translation by Gregory Walter

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