Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No Writers without Readers

No writing for a while.  Just catching up on book reviews.

So Johann Georg Hamann:

"As children become people, young girls become women, so writers emerge out of readers.  Most books are therefore a result of the capabilities and incapabilities that one has read and can read."
Johann Georg Hamann
 Leser und Kunstrichter (1762)

As we have young readers in our house and my spouse is a reading specialist, there is reading and reading and still other kinds of reading.

Hamann rejected book reviews that merely report and so laud the author and those reviews that excoriate and so condemn the author utterly.  Most of his writing was in the form of the book review.

He thought the best form of book review was massively critical and emerged from within the plane the book creates.  Thus, his most important work, the Metacritic of the Purisms of Reason (1788) is a review of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.


Here's my review queue:

A massive in-the-works review of recent political theology
Svend Andresen, Macht aus Liebe:  Zur Rekonstruktion einer lutherischen politischen Ethik
Vitor Westhelle, Eschatology and Space
Jean-Luc Marion, Reason of the Gift
Jan Assmann, The Price of Monotheism (stand-alone review, though referenced in the state-of-political theology review essay)

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