Monday, May 27, 2013

Six Theses on the Pursuit of Unhappiness: Minima Theologica

Formulate any theological methodology, purpose, or goal toward remedying misery and injury and injustice.  Attend to the closed-off and forgotten injuries of the past.

1.  Starting with a vision for the future interdicts the present.

2.  Interdicting the present ignores the present and closes the forgotten and buried past even more.

3.  Real progress is pulling the emergency-brake on the train of the present hurtling toward the future (Benjamin).

4.  Positing a future or vision for the future that does not attend to the present creates a false agency for the visioning community.

5.  Looking to the future in place of the present enables one to pathologically ignore pain.

6.  Truth is only gained through the exposure of falsehood (Adorno).

This is the theology of the cross. 


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