Thursday, June 6, 2013

Comics as Comparative Theology: Jesus and Buddha in Saint Young Men

Jesus and Buddha, living in an apartment in Tokyo.  Buddha, he wanted to learn the piano.  Jesus:  he's keen on the theremin.  Jesus even reads Osamu Tezuka's manga biography of the Buddha.

Enjoy and start reading here.

Keep in mind that these comics read right to left.  They haven't been "flipped" to mimic the reading direction(s) of Western comics.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Promise: Reformulating Justice as a Practice of the Gift

I published a new article in dialog:  A Journal of Theology.  It is part of a discussion of the ELCA's recent social statement on criminal justice.  I am an admirer of this statement and the theology of justice, hospitality, and accompaniment that it articulates.

This is the abstract:

The triune God's justice is best understood as promised justice. Promised justice enables Christian practices that critique and end injustice.

In this article I take a theological approach to justice that draws from Adorno's view that the medium of justice is injustice.  In short this means that injustice is always the starting point for developing or practicing justice.

You can find more about this article here.

Sadly dialog is not a free online journal.  You can request a copy of the article through your local public library's inter-library loan service.